A bi-national state

16 August 2005

Dear Sir

Dr Mikdadi (letters 16th August) says he can live side by side with Israel yet he can happily subscribe to a ‘binational state’. This is not a recipe for ‘all living together’ but for the destruction of Israel. A binational state would mean that while Gaza and the West Bank would be annexed to Israel, all its inhabitants, Arab and Jew, including the Palestinians would have citizenship. While this sounds like an attractive solution, it would mean that within a short time, there would be a majority Arab population and a minority of Jews in the area, given the high Arab birth rate. This would naturally spell the end of Israel as we know it. A binational state is a formula for anti Zionism, the denial to the Jews of their right to self determination while not denying that right to Arab peoples. An eventual two state settlement, with a Palestinian right of return to Palestine, not Israel, is the only viable option in this intractable conflict.

Yours sincerely

Jeremy Havardi


31 December, 2013

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"...if Israel really sought the genocide of the Palestinians, it would by now have eradicated every Palestinian in the occupied territories" (Morning Star)

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